Stephen DiBartola to receive 2019 Osborne Award for Veterinary Nephrology

 07 May 2019

Stephen DiBartola to receive 2019 Osborne Award for Veterinary Nephrology


The 2019 IRIS Osborne Award, generously sponsored by Elanco Animal Health, is to be awarded to Dr. Stephen DiBartolain recognition of his career-spanning contributions to the field of veterinary nephrology.

The International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) was created in 1998 to advance the scientific understanding of kidney disease in small animals. The IRIS board currently consists of 15 members representing 11 different countries. The Osborne Award is the top honour bestowed by the group and there have been only 5 previous recipients: Carl Osborne (1999), Delmar Finco (2000), Kenneth Bovee (2002), Donald Low (2004) and George Lees (2011). The award consists of a plaque and a cheque for $15000 generously supported by Elanco Animal Health. The award winner is also funded to attend ACVIM and/or ECVIM Congresses to receive their award and present an overview of their research. Dr DiBartola’s award is to be presented at the ACVIM Forum in Pheonix, Arizona, in June this year.

Dr DiBartola is these days perhaps best known for his long-serving editorship of the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine and for the reference textbook “Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid Base Disorders in Small Animal Practice”, which is commonly referred to by residents and faculty simply as ‘DiBartola’. However, his contributions to veterinary nephrology have been outstanding including 105 scientific, peer-reviewed publications, 82 book chapters and 21 abstracts. His nephrology publications have increased our understanding of polycystic kidney disease in Persian cats, muscle potassium content in cats with CKD, renal amyloidosis in Chinese Shar pei dogs and Abyssinian cats, dietary-induced CKD in dogs and cats, juvenile renal disease in Standard Poodles and Doberman pinscher dogs, as well as renal tubular acidosis. 

On hearing that he was to receive the award Dr DiBartola responded with the following remarks: “I can't tell you how humbling it is to have been nominated for and receive this award - the list of my colleagues who have received it before me is the family tree of veterinary nephrology and I've known all of them personally. I'm old enough to remember reading the first edition of Osborne, Low and Finco's Canine and Feline Urology (published in 1972) cover to cover when I was a veterinary student. However, as is widely known to my colleagues, it is Dennis Chew I have to thank for my career in the field. He was, is and always will be a huge inspiration to me.”

Further details about the work of IRIS can be found here: for further details of the award, please contact Harriet Syme, chair of the IRIS Awards Committee. Learn more about Elanco at