Do you have a dialysis programme? If so read below!

 01 Jul 2019

Hi guys,

I am updating my registry of veterinary dialysis units and I have a simple question for you.


Do you have a dialysis program?  Yes or No.  Reply to


If you have a unit, I want to get information about the hospital, address (physical and web) and phone, doctors/techs, what extracorporeal procedures you provide, pictures of the unit and team (and patients if you have client permission), and how long you have been open.  


If you just reply with a Yes, I will have someone reach out to you (or someone from your team, if you give me contact info), to get those details.


If you don’t have a program, a quick reply with No will help me narrow down my list.  If you are about to start a program, feel free to mention that, and I’ll put you on my watch list to ask again in the future.


I’m going to have my website ( redesigned, with some sort of interactive feature for people to find extracorporeal units.  I haven’t updated it in forever (so don’t look at its sad shape right now).


My apologies to those who are receiving this in duplicate.  If you answered before, ignore this.  I’m using multiple sources to find people interested in urinary disease or extracorporeal therapy, and if you have different emails, you are more likely to get this message more than once.  Sorry!


Thanks, and happy dialyzing!



Cathy Langston, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)

The Ohio State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Clinical Sciences

601 Vernon Tharp Street

Columbus, OH 43210