The ESVNU mission is to stimulate interest in veterinary and comparative nephrology and urology by organizing scientific meetings and distributing information on the website. By becoming a member, you will receive numerous benefits and discounts!

ESVNU Benefits and Payment

After having paid your one-time administration fee (see 2) below), ESVNU subsription fee is € 45 for one year or € 120 for 3 years. Now you can also subscribe for ESVNU membership by automatic annual renewal for 5 years at € 40/annum. You will get a great discount by subscribing to this payment method. Of course, you can cancel this at any time.

Discounted membership is available for veterinary students, residents, interns and PhD students in accredited programmes. Please submit proof of student status to with your application. 

With your membership, you support our mission and are entitled to benefits and discounts!

What are the benefits that you receive by paying this nominal fee?

  • Significant (up to 130 €) registration fee discount for the annual ECVIM-CA Congress
  • Connection to international friends and colleagues

Membership payment can currently be made via PayPal or via direct bank transfer using the instructions below:

1) Email your title, first name and last name including preferred email which will be added to the ESVNU List-serve.

2) Make a one time PayPal payment of 20 euros administration fee: This payment is required only the first time that you become a member of ESVNU or if your membership expires and you wish to rejoin the society. 

Just to make it crystal clear: if you are becoming a new member (or if your membership has expired), you have to pay the one-time administration fee as above, as well as your on-going annual membership fee (see point 3 below, options A-E). These are two separate payments, so you will also have to make these payments in PayPal separately. If you are already a member and your membership has not expired, please go straight to point 3 and make your membership payment!

3) Make PayPal payment using the link below choosing from options A-E:  Please note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they have been directed to the PayPal site for payment of membership fees. 

Options are as follows:

A) Buy Now: One year payment 45 euros: Gives one year membership which will be renewable after 12 months

B) Buy Now: Three year payment 120 euros: Gives one time payment covering 3 years of membership

C) Buy Now: Student membership one year 23 euros or 3 years 60 euros

Membership options
Students: send proof by email

D) Subscribe: Option to sign up for 40 euros/annum for 5 years renewable membership: Payment of 40 euros will be taken on an annual basis

E) Arrange bank transfer to the following account: Please ensure that your NAME is clearly indicated in the transaction details so that payment can be related to your membership.

Bank: Rabobank Utrecht, POBox 223, 3500 AE Utrecht, the Netherlands, Account number 1022.76.447
Account name: Int. Soc. Of Vet. Nephr. & Uro.
IBAN: NL55RABO0102276447
For questions about membership payments, please email 
Please contact us at if your details require updating. 

President of ESVNU

Dr Rosanne Jepson

Royal Veterinary College

London, UK

ESVNU Board Member

Dr. Hein Meyer

Hills Pet Nutrition

ESVNU Board Member

Dr Rossi Dorsch

ESVNU Board Member

Gilad Segev, DVM, Dip. ECVIM-CA (Internal Medicine)

Koret School of Veterinary Medicine