The goal of ESVNU is to increase the quality of life of dogs and cats by enhancing  veterinary care for renal and urinary tract disease. We hope to achieve this by providing a platform for discussion, regular updates on new information, and a yearly congress in veterinary and comparative nephrology and urology to our members and other interested people.

We also promote excellence in these fields by fostering research, awarding outstanding contributions and by working with other national and international organisations towards standardisation of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

ESVNU Objectives

  1. Organise an annual scientific Congress
  2. Send a regular Newsletter with the latest information on veterinary nephrology and urology to our members
  3. Inform our members and the public about ESVNU and our mission as widely as possible via written and electronic media
  4. Award excellence in nephrology and urology by a regular ESVNU Award (if sufficient funding is available)
  5. Foster research in veterinary and comparative nephrology and urology by providing research funds in this area (if sufficient funding is available)
  6. Standardise practice in veterinary nephrology and urology on a world-wide basis
  7. Foster international exchange of information by liaising with similar international organisations.


  1. Officers and terms of office

The Board of the ESVNU (with terms of office) consists of a

President (3 years)

Treasurer (3 years)

Secretary (3 years)

Information officer (3 years) 

Every function, except for the president may be re-elected for a maximum of two additional terms. The president may be re-elected for a maximum of one additional term. After 3 (2 for president) terms (or a part hereof) in one function, this person can be brought forward as candidate for election in one different function for two additional terms in the second function in total, unless the person has been discharged from his/her function by the board (after approval from the AGM) for whatever reason.

At the discretion of the board, the board can be complemented by additional non-voting board members to support the board in certain tasks at hand.

  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

2.1 The ESVNU will organise an AGM once a year, coinciding with its annual Congress.

2.2 All paying members have to receive a written or electronic invitation for each AGM, at least 6 weeks in advance of the meeting. This invitation should include an agenda, as well as any candidates for board functions for election or re-election and suggestions for changes in the constitution (if applicable).

2.3 At least 2 out of 4 Board members and a minimum of 5 paying ESVNU members have to sign in for an AGM to take place and for the AGM to have the right to vote on decisions.

2.4 Minutes of the AGM have to be distributed among all members (either written or electronic) within 1 month of the AGM.

  1. Election and re-election of board members

3.1 Paying ESVNU members may put forward candidates for board functions. These names have to be received by the Secretary no later than 1 month before the AGM.

3.2 All candidates for board functions will be voted upon in public during the AGM, unless there is only one candidate per function and the person is voted upon by proclamation. In case of a draw, the President will have the right to decide.

3.3 Written votes will be accepted.

3.4 Only full paying members of ESVNU have the right to vote.

  1. Financial Results

4.1 The treasurer shall provide the Secretary with an annual account to be approved during the AGM.

  1. Subscriptions

5.1 Membership fee is €45 for one year and €120 Euro for three years.

5.2 Veterinary students get a 50% reduction of the above fees. ‘Students’ for this purpose include students of an accredited DVM programme, as well as interns, residents and PhD candidates in relevant fields. Applications for student fees should be accompanied by an applicable proof of such.  

5.3 Any changes in subscription fees have to be approved by the AGM.

5.4 Full paying members will receive the ESVIM Newsletter, the ESVNU Newsletter, both complimentary, and will receive a substantial discount for the annual ECVIM-CA Congress, of which the ESVNU Congress forms an integral part, and for the ESVNU pre-Congress day (if applicable).

Support of ESVNU

Boehringer Ingelheim Logo

In 2015 ESVNU were pleased to be awarded sponsorship from Boehringer Ingelheim to facilitate the on-going running of our society and also contributing towards the costs of producing this website. ESVNU would like to thank BI for their continued support and enthusiasm in the field of veterinary nephrology and urology.